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MD Consult takes physicians straight to the answers within the most respected clinical content resources online. (restrict for PSU Campus network only) see journal list
Search for summaries and detailed monographs for drugs, alternative medicine, toxicological managements, reproductive risks, and acute/emergency care. (restrict for PSU Campus network only)
CMA : The guidelines are produced or endosed in Canada by a national, provincial or territorial medical or health organization, professional society, goverment agenct or expert panel.
CME database
Cochrane Library Database: click here to get
(restrict for Faculty of Medicine members only)
CRL Online - Clinical Reference Library Online : Database for Drug Information , Dosage,Drug Images and Interactions,Poisoning Toxicology,Diagnostic Procedures,Laboratory Tests
Condoms Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
Dissertation Abstracts Online (DAO) is the single most comprehensive source of dissertation information since 1861. Citations with abstracts to doctoral dissertations are available from July 1980 and for master's theses from Spring 1988 forward. DAO is updated quaterly and maintains over 1.4 million bibliographic records in approximately 3,000 subject areas with more than 1,000 participating institutions worldwide.
Dermatologic Image Database
Dept. of Dermatology, University of Iowa Clloege of Medicine
Drug Interaction Checker
Drug Interaction Checker
Drug Information Leaflet, UMM Health Guides, Medical Encyclopedia
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is the world's largest source of education information involved in a variety of disciplines dating back to 1966. ERIC on SilverPlatter is updated quarterly, and contains more than 975,000 abstracts from over 770 professional journals and related documents such as research reports, papers, curricula, etc. Included are also ERIC Digest records of short reports in full text.
Medical Student
MIT CogNet is an electronic community for the cognitive and brain sciences. Include a searchable, full-text library with a growing collection of books, journals, and reference works; an academic almanac of cognitive science programs; HotScience editorials by invited scientists on groundbreaking or controversial aspects of their research; job listings; CV and bibliography utilities; virtual poster sessions; threaded discussion groups; a seminars and lecture series at participating academic institutions; community menber profiles; and more.
Rxlist : the internet DRUGS index
National Guideline Cleaninghouse (NGC) : a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
HealthGate's objective is to facilitate improvements in patient care, biomedical research, and education by employing state-of-the-art technology to make information access and coverage both thorough and easy.
Health works online is a free Internet based health and medical information service, offering a range of products and services in the Health and Medical field.
Karolinska Institutet - Diseases, Disorders, and related Topics.
Md Choice - The Ultimate Medical Information Finder.
MedHunt - Medical Document Finder - indexes thousands of web sites and other internet resources with medical and health content.
Medline : is the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) premier bibliographic database covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences.
Medline Plus: Find information on hundreds of diseases , conditions and wellness issues
Medical Matrix : Ranked, Peer-Reviewed, Annotated, Updated, Clinical Medicine Resources
MedShare : Sharing radiologic cases among multiple institutes.
Medical World Search: Medical Intelligence At Your Fingertips. Search full text nearly 100,000 Web pages from thousands of SELECTED medical sites
Multiple Congennital Anomaly/ Mental Retardation Syndromes. NLM databases.
NIH Web search for NIH databases.
National Library of Medicine's search service to access the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases.
Popline the world's largest bibliographic reproductive health database.
Organizing Medical Networked Information The UK's gateway to high quality biomedical internat resources.
Clinical evidence database
Pediatric Database contain description of over 550 childhood illnesses.
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.
Psychiatric and Mental Heath Research database in Thailand : Thai
Thai Index Medicus. Chulalongkorn University Medical Library
Thai Index Medicus. Siriraj Medical Library
Thai Library Integrated System
ThaiLIS is the project that was developed from the Thai Library Network Metropolitan (Thailinet) Project and the Project of Provincial University Library Network (PULINET). These two project are later united , and the name was changed to ThaiLIS. It is initiated from the cooperation between the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of University Affairs, and 24 central and Provincial state universities under the Ministry of University Affairs with the operating duration scheduled in the fiscal years 2000-2002. ThaiLIS presently has been approved to procure electronic databases that the members can use together (ABI/Inform, acm, DAO, ERIC, IEEE, H.W. Wilson Education Full Text, MEDLINE, MIT cogNet)
TRIP Database: Search across selected sites of high-quality medical information incluse peer-review journals, evidence base sites and guidlines.
รายชื่อวิทยานิพนธ์ : มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล. 1967-1999. Thai

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