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3M AVI 275 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric N/A
3M AVI 470 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric 051058 Rev A
A & D Mercury Pty. Ltd. HVCS-150 Scales, Chair, Adult N/A
Abbott Laboratories 50596-27-01 (Flexiflo Quantum) Pump, Infusion, Enteral N/A
Abbott Laboratories Flexiflo Companion Pump, Infusion, Enteral Not reported
Abbott Laboratories Lifecare 4200 Pump, Infusion, PCA V 6.13 EUK
Abbott Laboratories Lifecare 4200 Pump, Infusion, PCA V 5.21 EUK
Abbott Laboratories Lifecare 4200 Pump, Infusion, PCA 5.10
Abbott Laboratories Omniflow 4000+ Pump, Infusion Control rev 1.16dom Pump rev 1.16
Abbott Laboratories PMP Pump, Infusion, PCA ?
Aequitron Medical LP6 Ventilator
Aesculap GA 704 Saw, Plaster N/A
AFP Medical Aquilon Nebuliser System Pump, Air, Nebuliser N/A
Air-Shields C86 Incubator, Infant
Air-Shields Isolette C100/200-2E Incubator, Infant
Air-Shields Isolette C2HS-1C Incubator, Infant Rev 1.341 1.06
Air-Shields PM78-1E Warmer, Overhead, Infant
Air-Shields PT533-1E Light, Ultraviolet, Phototherapy N/A
Air-Shields PT533-2E Light, Ultraviolet, Phototherapy N/A
Air-Shields WatchChild OB Surveillance and Archival 5.3.79
Allersearch RapidNeb Pump, Air, Nebuliser N/A
Allersearch VitalAir Pump, Air, Nebuliser N/A
Ameda Egnell Compact 25 Pump, Suction N/A
Ameda Egnell Universal 45 Pump, Suction N/A
American Hamilton Medical Systems RK625 Heater / Cooler
American Medical Systems K-20-D Hyperthermia Unit N/A
American Pharmaseal EC300 Hyperthermia Unit, Control Unit N/A
American Pharmaseal RK325 Heater / Cooler N/A
Amlab International Amlab I Datalogging Unit Ver 1.97
Amlab International Amlab II Datalogging Unit Ver 2.0 bld 14
Anax TCL15 Light Source / Cautery Unit N/A
Art Inc. Cardio Lab Electrophysiology System V3.05
ATL HDI3000 Ultrasound, Cardiac 4252-0791-08 039.08
Atom Medical OX-60 Monitor, Oxygen N/A
Atom Medical TC-500 Incubator, Infant Unknown
Augustine Medical Bair Hugger 250 Hyperthermia Unit
Augustine Medical Bair Hugger 500/OR Hyperthermia Unit N/A
Augustine Medical Bair Hugger 505 Hyperthermia Unit N/A
Australian Medical Engineering AME/THREE Pump, Intermittent Pressure Therapy Unit N/A
B Braun SL3 Stimulator, Nerve
B Braun Stimuplex S Stimulator N/A
B&K Medical 2001 Ultrasonic Scanner VP2698
Baxter 6201 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric Rev C
Baxter 6201 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric 1.12
Baxter 6301 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric Rev C
Baxter BW-5 (Fenwal) Blood Warmer N/A
Baxter OXYSAT SM-0200 Monitor, Oxygen Saturation N/A
Bayer 5491-1035075 (AMES) Glucometer
Bayer Clinitek 50 Analyser, Urine 01.03
BCI International 58550A3 (Capnocheck Plus) Monitor, Capnograph, Pulse Oximeter V1.01.9045
BCI International 71000A2 Oxycheck Monitor, Pulse Oximeter Ver 15, Jan 9 1997 #1819
BCI International 71200A1 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter Unknown
BCI International 72000A1 (Oxytemp) Monitor, Temperature, SPO2 Unknown
Bear Medical Systems Bear 5 Ventilator Release 10
Bear Medical Systems Bear Cub Ventilator, Infant
Bear Medical Systems CEM Enhancement Module, Ventilator
Bear Medical Systems NVM-1 Monitor, Ventilator
Beltone 2000 Audiometer
Bio-Med Devices MVP-10 Ventilator N/A
Bio-Medical Research Ltd. Slendertone Professional P8 Unit Electrotherapy None
Biomec 527B Stimulator, Calf Muscle
Biosearch 3600 Pump, Infusion, Enteral N/A
Biotek Instruments 601PRO Safety Analyser 3.05
Biotek Instruments VT-2 Ventilator Tester
Bird 10067 Blender, Air / Oxygen N/A
Bird 15365A (Avian) Ventilator, Transport Unknown
Bird MK7 Respirator N/A
Birtcher Medical Systems 7-796A Electrosurgical Unit
Blease Datum Vaporiser, Anaesthetic N/A
Bourns BP200 Ventilator, Infant N/A
Branson 8200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 8510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Carl Zeiss 305363 Microscope N/A
Carl Zeiss 308248 Microscope N/A
Carl Zeiss S21 Microscope N/A
Carl Zeiss Stativ S3 Microscope N/A
Catalyst Research Miniox III Monitor, Oxygen N/A
Chattanooga Group Ltd. Intelect 780 Interferential Therapy Unit, Interferential None
Christie CASP 2000 Battery Conditioner / Tester Rev. E
CIG 520524 Monitor, Oxygen N/A
CIG 520526 Monitor, Circuit Disconnect N/A
CIG 520527 Monitor, Temperature N/A
CIG 520528 Stimulator, Nerve N/A
CIG Midget 3 Anaesthetic Machine N/A
CIG TM41 Anaesthetic Machine N/A
Cincinatti Sub Zero Hemotherm 400M Heater / Cooler N/A
Clary Onguard UPS2-1K-2G-SBS-SP Uninterruptable Power Supply N/A
Clements Compact Suction Unit N/A
Clements HSU Suction Unit N/A
Clements Series 15 Suction Unit N/A
Clements SUC82660 Pump, Suction N/A
Cobe 043049-001 Monitor, Temperature, Time
Cobe 043600-001 Pump, Blood
Cobe 043630-001 Air Emboli Protection System N/A
Cobe 043650-001 Computerised Perfusion Controller
Cobe 043660-000 Monitor, Computerised Perfusion Control
Codman 82-6605 Control Unit, Monitor, Neuro N/A
Cook LINS-1000 Insufflator N/A
Cooper Lasersonics CUSA NS-100 Aspirator, Ultrasonic N/A
Corometrics 116 Monitor, Ultrasound, Fetal 3.31
Corometrics 116 Monitor, Ultrasound, Fetal 3.10
Corometrics 220 pH Meter Unknown
Corometrics 321 Receiver, Telemetry, Fetal N/A
Corometrics 322 Transmitter, Telemetry, Fetal N/A
Cosmed Pony Spirometer Spirometer V3.3
Criticare Systems, Inc. 503 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Criticare Systems, Inc. 507O Monitor, NIBP, SpO2 Rev M1.4 1995
Criticare Systems, Inc. 507O Monitor, NIBP, SpO2 M1.2
Criticare Systems, Inc. 507O Monitor, NIBP, SpO2 M1.3
Criticare Systems, Inc. 602-13 Monitor, ETCO2, SpO2 M1.0, S1.0
Cuda M2-150 Light Source N/A
Cuda M2-150-T Light Source N/A
Darch Medical CP500 Alarm - Airway Pressure
Datex AS/3 Monitor, Multiparameter 890130-7.7 1997-12-17
Datex AS/3 Monitor, Multiparameter 889095-6.3 1996-06-28
Datex AS/3 F-CU8 Monitor STD 94-23-01
Datex AS/3 M-EST Modules, ECG, Resp, Temp
Datex AS/3 M-ESTP Module, ECG, Resp, Temp, Press
Datex AS/3 M-GAiO Module, Airway Gases
Datex AS/3 M-GAiOV Module, Airway Gases Spirometer
Datex AS/3 M-NIBP Module, NIBP
Datex Capnomac Ultima Airway Gas Monitor PR 882916-4.0 14.6.1996
Datex Cardiocap CCI-104-21-01 Monitor, Multiparameter Pr. 878123-0.1
Datex Cardiocap CH-2S Anaesthesia Monitor PR 882593-3.2
Datex Cardiocap CM-104-21-01 Monitor, ECG, Press, NIBP 877009-1/21.11.89
Datex CG-2GS (Cardiocap II) Monitor, Multiparameter 879437-0.1
Datex CH-2S (Cardiocap II) Monitor, Multiparameter Pr. 882593-3.1
Datex Satlite Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 875314-1
Datex Satlite Trans Monitor, Pulse Oximeter PR 877014
Datrend Systems Inc. Infutest 2000 Series C Infusion Pump Tester 3.2 / 3.1
Datrend Systems Inc. Infutest 2000 Series C Infusion Pump Tester 3.2 / 3.0
Davol System 2000BP Electrosurgical Unit
Davol System 2000BP II Electrosurgical Unit
Davol System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit
Designs for Vision Inc. Quadrilite 4000 Universal Light Source N/A
Desoutter CC1 Saw, Plaster N/A
Devilbiss Ultra-Neb 2000 Nebuliser, Ultrasonic N/A
Downs MK II Light Source N/A
Downs MKI Light Source N/A
Drager Evita 4 Ventilator 02.22
Drager Evita 4 Ventilator 02.20
Drager NOdomo Nitric Oxide Dosing Unit
Drager Oxylog Ventilator N/A
Drager PM8050cd Monitor, Patient Airway
Dynatech Nevada Cufflink NIBP Monitor Analyser 3.20
Dyonics 750 PAL Video Camera Unit Unknown
Dyonics Autobrite II Light Source N/A
Dyonics Digital PAL Video Camera Video Camera Unit Ver A.00
Dyonics DyoPneumatic 15 Insufflator
Electa/Selector 1522000 Aspirator, Ultrasonic Unknown
EME TC 2-64 Monitor, Ultrasound, Doppler, Transcranial TC2.5B-E
EMS CH-1347 Lithotriptor
Engometer Engometer Exercise Bicycle None
Fisher and Paykel MR428 Humidifier
Fisher and Paykel MR500 Humidifier
Fisher and Paykel MR512 Humidifier N/A
Fisher and Paykel MR600 Humidifier N/A
Fisher and Paykel MR620 Humidifier A20
Fisher and Paykel MR700 Humidifier
Fisher and Paykel MR720 Humidifier
Fisher and Paykel MR730 Humidifier
Fisher and Paykel NS-242 Stimulator, Nerve
Fisher and Paykel NS-252 Stimulator, Nerve
Fresenius 2008A Dialysis Machine V3.2
Fresenius 4008E Dialysis Machine V3.2
Gambro Healthcare AK-100 Dialysis Machine V3.71
Gambro Healthcare AK-200 Dialysis Machine V1.11
Gambro Healthcare Prisma Dialysis Machine R02_04_A3
Gambro Healthcare Prisma CFM 018080000 Dialysis Machine R01_02_A
Gambro Healthcare Prismatherm FW240 Warmer, Dialysate N/A
Gaymar Thermocare Hyperthermia Unit
Gorman-Rupp K-12 Hyperthermia Unit N/A
Graphtec WR7300 Chart Recorder V1.6
Graphtec WR7700 Chart Recorder Version 3.9
Graseby 3200 Pump, Infusion, Syringe 1.81
Graseby 3300 Pump, Infusion, PCA 4.20E
Graseby 3300 Pump, Infusion, PCA 4.30E
Graseby MR10 Monitor, Respiration, Apnoea
Graseby MS 16A Pump, Infusion, PCA N/A
Graseby MS2000 Pump, Infusion, Syringe 7
Graseby MS26 Pump, Infusion, Syringe
Graseby PCAS Pump, Infusion, PCA Not reported
Hawksley 6/40 Blanket Warmer N/A
Hawksley MK4 Blanket Warmer N/A
Hawksley MK5 Blanket Warmer N/A
Hawksley MK7 Blanket Warmer N/A
Healthdyne 10100 Monitor, Pressure N/A
Hemocue Hemocue Monitor, Haemoglobin N/A
Hewlett Packard 43120A Defibrillator/Monitor N/A
Hewlett Packard 4745 (Pagewriter 2) Electrocardiograph
Hewlett Packard 77020A Ultrasound, Cardiac See Comments
Hewlett Packard 77030A Ultrasound, Cardiac See Comments
Hewlett Packard 78352A Monitor, Multiparameter
Hewlett Packard 78354A Monitor, Multiparameter
Hewlett Packard 78560 Monitor, Central 82200E V7.0
Hewlett Packard 78560A Monitor, Central Rev 2.0
Hewlett Packard 8040A Monitor, Ultrasound, CTG N/A
Hewlett Packard M1046A Merlin Monitor Rev E
Hewlett Packard M1125A Recorder, Bedside
Hewlett Packard M1275A Monitor, Transport M1275-10006 Rev E.00.00
Hewlett Packard M1702A Recorder, Electrocardiograph Not specified
Hewlett Packard M1723A (Codemaster XL ) Defibrillator/Monitor
Hewlett Packard M1723A (Codemaster XL ) Defibrillator/Monitor
Hewlett Packard M1771A Pagewriter Recorder, Electrocardiograph A.05.06 English
Hewlett Packard Series 50 XM Monitor, Foetal/Maternal B.01.06 M1350-6801U
Hewlett Packard Sonos 500 Ultrasound, Cardiac Rev K
Hewlett Packard Sonos 5500 Ultrasound, Cardiac A:0
HNE Healthcare AlphaXcell Pump, Air, Mattress
Hokanson E20 Rapid Cuff Inflator N/A
Hokanson EC4 Plethysmograph N/A
Howorth Engineering PCM-40 Blanket Warmer
Hudson 5577 Monitor, Oxygen N/A
Huntleigh AC500/DVT Sequential Compression Device N/A
Huntleigh Audio Dopplex Doppler Vascular Flowmeter N/A
Huntleigh D920A Monitor, Ultrasound, Fetal
Huntleigh DFS1000 Sequential Compression Device N/A
Huntleigh Flowtron AC/200 Pump, Intermittent Pressure Therapy Unit N/A
Huntleigh Mini Dopplex Doppler Vascular Flowmeter N/A
Huntleigh NB 2000 (Nimbus II) Mattress, Flotation N/A
Imed Gemini PC-1 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric 7.01
Imed PC-2 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric V3.44
Imed PC-4 Pump, Infusion XL5.11.17.0
Infrasonics 1606004 (Star Sync) Synchroniser, Ventilator
Infrasonics 606100 (Star Sync) Synchroniser, Ventilator
Infrasonics Infant Star 500 Ventilator 105
Infrasonics Infant Star HFV Ventilator, Infant
Infrasonics Infant Star HFV Ventilator, Infant 46
International Technidyne Corporation Hemochron 401 Monitor, Blood Clotting Time N/A
Invivo 4500 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter Rev OX06
Invivo 4500 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Invivo 4500 Plus 2 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter PX20
Irex System II Ultrasound, Cardiac Unknown
Ivac 591 Pump, Infusion, Volumetric
Ivac Ivac 711 Pump, Infusion, Syringe 71X15007.04
Jeff Sykes & Associates Concept II Exercise Unit, Rower None
Johnson & Johnson Medical 1846 SX Monitor, NIBP
Johnson & Johnson Medical 8710 (Critikon Dinamap Plus) Monitor, ECG, NIBP, SpO2 8700 RCO
Johnson & Johnson Medical Critikon Dinamap 845 Monitor, Vital Signs
Johnson & Johnson Medical Dinamap 8100 Monitor, NIBP N/A
Johnson & Johnson Medical DINAMAP Compact TS Monitor, NIBP, SpO2, Temp 8613-V4.1 8621-V3.1
Jostra PRM 15-450 Monitor, Pressure N/A
JVC TM-210-PS Monitor, Video N/A
Kay 9100 RhynoLaryngeal Stroboscope
Keeler ACU-14 Cryosurgical Unit N/A
Kendall SCD 5320 Ankle Compression N/A
Kendall SCD 5325 Sequential Compression Device N/A
Kendall SCD 5328 Sequential Compression Device
Kontron 7650-500 Monitor, TCPO2 / TCCO2 2.01
Kontron KAAT-II Balloon Pump, Intra Aortic 3.02.3
Kontron Microgas 7640 Mk2 Monitor, TCPO2 Unknown
Laerdal Heartstart 3000 Defibrillator/Monitor H
Laerdal Heartstart 3000 Defibrillator/Monitor G
Laerdal HS3000QR Defibrillator/Monitor H
Laerdal LSU Pump, Suction N/A
Life Support Products Autovent 2000 Ventilator N/A
Lifecare PLV-100 Ventilator Unknown
Linvatec 8425A Light Source N/A
Linvatec C3110 Camera Control Unit
Loosco Mark 2 Ventilator N/A
Luxtec 3150AS Light Source N/A
Madsen ZO-2020 Immitance System Version 2.0
Madsen ZS77-MB Audiometer, Impedance
Mallincrodt Warmtouch 5700 Blanket Warmer N/A
Marquette Medical Systems 1900 Treadmill
Marquette Medical Systems 1950 Monitor, NIBP
Marquette Medical Systems 7010 Monitor, Mainframe 83605/612-103 (1988)
Marquette Medical Systems 7500 Monitor, Central MBX8325>64-002D
Marquette Medical Systems CASE 12 Stress ECG testing system EPROM V004B; CASE V006A
Marquette Medical Systems CASE 15 Stress ECG testing system EPROM 004B CASE 006C
Marquette Medical Systems Eagle 3000 Monitor, Multiparameter 415230-0043A 414957-0043A 414959-0043A 415257-0011
Marquette Medical Systems Eagle 3000 Monitor, Multiparameter 7015 std, Product 3B, main uP 3B, DASuP 3B
Marquette Medical Systems Eagle 3100 Monitor
Marquette Medical Systems Eagle 4000 Monitor 409263-0175B 409259-0015B 409258-0025B
Marquette Medical Systems MAC 6 Monitor, ECG 006A Marquette claims ver 010 & later is compliant
Marquette Medical Systems MAC-15 Monitor, ECG 006B
Marquette Medical Systems MAC-LAB Monitoring System, Catheter Lab Ver 5D
Marquette Medical Systems MAX-1 Stress ECG testing system 001F
Marquette Medical Systems Seer / XT Monitor, ECG, Holter
Marquette Medical Systems Solar 7000 Monitor, Modular Tram407027-02204Apr95 7F3A Main Proc 414482-001 1A
Marquette Medical Systems Solar 8000/Tram 450Sl/TramRac 4A Monitor, Multiparameter 4030
Martin Tuttlingen Electrotom 80B Electrosurgical Unit None
MDE 20401 Prism EL Monitor, Multiparameter 02.02.00
MDE Escort II+ Monitor, ECG, Resp, NIBP, SpO2, Temp Main 1.10.00
Mead Johnson Maxi-myst Pump, Air, Nebuliser N/A
Medasonics FP3B Monitor, Ultrasound, Fetal N/A
Medcor IW802 Warmer, Overhead, Infant N/A
Medela 0162003 Pump, Breast N/A
Medelec Audiostar Audiometer Unknown
Medelec DG Examiner Electroencephalograph V5.07
Medelec PREMIER Plus Electromyograph VD.00
Medequip MQ775 Warmer, Overhead, Infant N/A
Medgraphics 1070 Series 2 Pulmonary Function Analyser Not known
Medison Pty Ltd Sonoace 600 Ultrasonic Scanner SA 600 V1.40
Medix EconoNEB Pump, Air, Nebuliser N/A
Medrad Mark IV Injector, Dye
Medrad Mark V plus Injector, Dye MV7.0
Medtel Commander Monitor, Multiparameter N/A
Medtel HS18 Monitor, Multiparameter N/A
Medtel HS40 Monitor, Multiparameter N/A
Medtel HS5 Monitor, Multiparameter N/A
Medtronic 0610 CardioRhythm Ablation System
Medtronic 5328 Stimulator N/A
Medtronic 5330 Pacemaker, External N/A
Medtronic 5345 Pacemaker, External N/A
Medtronic 5346 Pacemaker, External Unknown
Medtronic 5375 Pacemaker, External N/A
Medtronic CardioCare 4220 Monitor, ECG, Transtelephonic N/A
Mira OS3000 Light Source N/A
Mira TR4000 Diathermy Unit N/A
Mortara 30300-001-2001 (Portrait) Recorder, Electrocardiograph 9.97
Mortara ELI100 Recorder, Electrocardiograph Unknown
Mortara ELI200 Recorder, Electrocardiograph 7.93
Mutech Instruments 271E (Kabtronics) Stimulator, ECT N/A
Nascor Series 2A Monitor, Transport
Nellcor N-100 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter Unknown
Nellcor Ultra Cap Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 1.08
Nellcor Puritan Bennett 1400005 Star Track Monitor, Ventilator 9600 900
Nellcor Puritan Bennett 7200 Ventilator SPI 26160-85-R AAB
Nellcor Puritan Bennett 7200a Ventilator 26160-85-R ARR
Nellcor Puritan Bennett 7200ae Ventilator TEM 26300-85-V B5Z
Nellcor Puritan Bennett Infant Star 950 Ventilator, Infant
Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB-195 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB-195 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB-295 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Nicolet Viking II/IIe Monitor, Neurophysiology See Comments section
Nihon Kohden MPV-7201 Monitor, NIBP Unknown
Nihon Kohden OEC-6102K Monitor, ECG
Nihon Kohden RMC-1100M Monitor, Multitrace CPU V2.2 GDC V1.1
Nihon Kohden TEC-7100K Defibrillator/Monitor 8726598
Nihon Kohden TEC-7200 A/B Defibrillator/Monitor/Recorder
Nihon Kohden TEC-7200 K Defibrillator/Monitor
Nihon Kohden VC-680G Monitor, Multitrace N/A
Nisco J10 Video Camera Unit
Nonin 8500 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Nonin 8600 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Nonin Onyx Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
Novametrix 515 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 1.6 Jul 20, 90
Novametrix Oxypleth Monitor, Pulse Oximeter ENG 520a-25 May-17-93
Ohio Air-Vac Incubator, Infant N/A
Ohmeda 2300 Monitor, NIBP 4.0
Ohmeda 3700e Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 22
Ohmeda 3740 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 10
Ohmeda 3740 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter Rev. 7
Ohmeda 3800 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 3.000/03.000
Ohmeda 4700 Oxicap Monitor, Capnograph, Pulse Oximeter Rev 7
Ohmeda 7000 Ventilator
Ohmeda ISU Suction Unit N/A
Ohmeda Midogas A90 Blender, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide N/A
Ohmeda Ohio 2001 Warmer, Overhead, Infant N/A
Ohmeda Quantiflex Anaesthetic Machine N/A
Ohmeda Tec 3 Vaporiser, Anaesthetic N/A
Ohmeda Tec 4 Vaporiser, Anaesthetic N/A
Olympus BF Type P20 Endoscope N/A
Olympus CLE Light Source None
Olympus CLK-3 Light Source N/A
Olympus CLK-4 Light Source N/A
Olympus LF-1 Bronchoscope, Intubating N/A
Olympus LF-2 Bronchoscope, Intubating N/A
Organon Technika Digistim III Stimulator N/A
Organon Technika TOF-Watch Stimulator, Nerve
Otodynamics Ltd. ILO92 Audiometer ILO88 V3.94L
Oxford MR14 Monitor, ECG, Holter N/A
Panasonic AG-7330 Video Cassette Recorder
Panasonic AG-7350 Video Cassette Recorder
Paramedics Australia Calf Muscle Stimulator Stimulator, Calf Muscle N/A
Penlon PPV Sigma Vaporiser, Anaesthetic N/A
Pentax EC-3400F Endoscope N/A
Pentax EG-2700 Endoscope N/A
Pentax EG-3800T Endoscope N/A
Pentax EPM-3000 Fibre Optic Light Source/Video processor Not known
Pentax FB-10X Endoscope N/A
Pentax FB-15X Endoscope N/A
Pentax FG-16X Endoscope N/A
Pentax FNL-10S Endoscope N/A
Pentax LH-150 Light Source N/A
Pentax LX-500A Light Source N/A
Physio Control CMS 8000 Monitor, Central 2.3
Physio Control Lifepak 10 Defibrillator/Monitor 017J (System 0)
Physio Control Lifepak 10 Defibrillator/Monitor System 017 : Defib 23 : Chart/Pacer 15
Physio Control Lifepak 12 Defibrillator/Monitor V3011371.018
Physio Control Lifepak 5 Defibrillator/Monitor/Recorder N/A
Physio Control Lifepak 6S Defibrillator/Monitor/Recorder Unknown
Physio Control Lifepak 7 Defibrillator/Monitor pre 1985
Physio Control Lifepak 8 Defibrillator/Monitor
Physio Control Lifepak 9B Defibrillator/Monitor 1989, PCC
Physio Control Lifepak 9P Defibrillator, Monitor, Pacer Year 1990, 1993
Physio Control Quik-Pace Pacemaker, External 3.10
Precision Electronic Products SP CLUB Ultrasound Unit N/A
Preference HRT Heart Rate Trainer 1000ES Diamonback Exercise Bicycle None
Preference HRT Heart Rate Trainer 2000A Exercise Bicycle None
Preference HRT Heart Rate Trainer 2000I Exercise Bicycle None
Preference HRT Heart Rate Trainer 2000R Exercise Bicycle None
Protocol Systems, Inc. 206EL Monitor, Transport 1.00.03
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq 102 Monitor, Transport 4.09.00E
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq 104 Monitor, ECG, Temp, NIBP 4.07.00E
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq 104 Monitor, Multiparameter 4.04.00E
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq 106 Monitor, Multiparameter 5.07.00E
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq 106 Monitor, Transport 5.02.00E
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq Encore Monitor, Multiparameter 1.31.01
Protocol Systems, Inc. Propaq Encore Monitor, Transport 1.30.00
Radionics Inc RFG-6 RF Lesion Generator N/A
Radionics Inc SCS-1 Stereotaxy Computer STAX-84K V4
Radionics Inc SCS-1 Stereotaxy Computer UCLF V.1
Rastronics PR-20 Monitor, Audio Measurement V4.0C
RB CLS150 Light Source N/A
Repco Repco Exercise Bicycle
Repco Repco Hand Grinder None
Respironics 302220 Monitor, Circuit Disconnect N/A
Respironics 582080 (Vision) Bipap Unit 10.5
Scandmed 3in1 Pump, Air, Tourniquet N/A
Seca 727 Scales, Electronic, Infant N/A
Sechrist 3500HL Blender, Air / Oxygen N/A
Sedco 2510 Tape Eraser N/A
Sensormedics 2900 Metabolic Cart Unknown
Sensormedics 3100A Ventilator, High Frequency
Servox Inton Speech Device, Electronic N/A
Sherwood Medical Genius 3000A Thermometer, Electronic Not Known
Sherwood Medical Kangaroo 22 Pump, Infusion, Enteral N/A
Sherwood Medical Kangaroo 224 Pump, Infusion, Enteral N/A
Sherwood Medical Kangaroo 324 Pump, Infusion, Enteral Unknown
Sherwood Medical Kangaroo 330 Pump, Infusion, Enteral N/A
Siemens 121C Monitor, Central Not stated
Siemens 1260 Monitoring System VGO-HXE
Siemens 1281C, 981C & 732 Monitor, Bedside Unknown
Siemens 900C Ventilator
Siemens Neurotron Stimulator
Siemens Servo Ventilator 300 / Servo Screen 390 Ventilator PROM version 1.00 Servo screen V2.0
Siemens Sicard 440 / Sicard 440S / Burdick 7500 Stress ECG testing system
Siemens SV300 Ventilator Man 7.x
Simed S-100 Monitor, Pulse Oximeter 1.61
Sony PVM-1440QM Monitor, Video
Sony PVM-2042QM Monitor, Video N/A
Sony PVM-2043MD Monitor, Video
Sony PVM-2053MD Monitor, Video
Spacelabs 4046 Defibrillator
Spacelabs 90303A Monitor, Mainframe 3.50.49 (1989)
Spacelabs 90303B Monitor, Mainframe 3.51.46EN
Spacelabs 90305 (PC2) Monitor, Mainframe V3.66.92EN
Spacelabs 90308 Express Monitor, Transport 3.51.05
Spacelabs 90309 PC Scout Monitor, Transport 3.66.33 EN
Spacelabs 90309 PC Scout Monitor, Transport 3.68.07EN
Spacelabs 90315 Monitor, Mainframe 3.66.92E
Spacelabs 90316 Monitor, Mainframe 3.66.92EN
Spacelabs 90385 (UCW) Monitor, Mainframe C1.02.33EN(BEHMOQ)
Spacelabs 90385 (UCW) Monitor, Multiparameter 1.04.33
Spacelabs 90402 Module, Pressure 1.05.16
Spacelabs 90404 Module, Cardiac Output 1.11.02
Spacelabs 90419 Module, Pulse Oximeter
Spacelabs 90426 Module, NIBP, Adult / Infant 1.02.34
Spacelabs 90430 Module, NIBP 1.01.21
Spacelabs 90449 Module, Printer
Spacelabs 90467 Module, NIBP, SaO2 1.04.02EN
Spacelabs 90470 Module, ECG, Press, Temp V1.05.03
Spacelabs 90513 Analyser, CO2
Spacelabs 90514 Analyser, Multigas
Spacelabs 90518 Analyser, Multigas 1.01.01EN
Spacelabs 90601A Monitor, ECG 4.10.36
Spacelabs 90602A Monitor, Multiparameter 4.10.51
Spacelabs 90603A Monitor, Multiparameter 4.10.20
Spacelabs 90604A Monitor, ECG, Temp 4.10.36
Spacelabs 90621A Monitor, ECG, Resp 4.10.20
Spacelabs 90623A Monitor, ECG, Press, Resp, Temp 4.10.12
Springfield Electronics IIA Monitor, Respiration, Apnoea N/A
Stackhouse ST-1275 Smoke Filtration System N/A
Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table None
Storz 26020 XB Electrosurgical Unit
Storz 450V Light Source
Storz 482D Light Source N/A
Storz 485 Light Source N/A
Storz 488 Light Source N/A
Storz 600DA Light Source N/A
Storz 615 Light Source
Storz DP1402-000 (Premiere) Microsurgical System
Storz Telecam PAL Camera Control Unit
Stryker 203 Pump, Pressure, Irrigation N/A
Stryker 880 (Plastervac) Vacuum System N/A
Stryker Constavac Wound Drainage System
Stryker OrthoLav Pump, Pressure, Irrigation
Stryker SE3 Arthroscopic Surgical Unit
Stryker SE5 Arthroscopic Surgical Unit
Sulzer Medica Osypka HAT 300 RF Lesion Generator V2.00E
Sumitomo Sumisonic ME2210 Aspirator, Ultrasonic N/A
Taema FC-10 Spirometer N/A
Telectronics 17 Series Pacemaker, Programmer, Charger
Telectronics 174 Pacemaker, Programmer
Telectronics DS610 Defibrillator N/A
Telectronics DS610S Defibrillator N/A
Telectronics TE200 Pacemaker, External N/A
Teledyne TED 100 Monitor, Oxygen N/A
Teledyne TED 200T Monitor, Oxygen Unknown
Terumo STC-521 Pump, Infusion, Syringe
Terumo UTD-7 Monitor, Ultrasound, Fetal N/A
TGS US5 Ultrasonic Scanner N/A
Timeter MP500 Nebuliser, Ultrasonic N/A
Toitu N Pump, Suction N/A
Toronto Medical CPM Limb Manipulator N/A
Toronto Medical L2 Limb Manipulator N/A
Tuta 360-200 Blood Warmer
Tuta Tuta Water Bath N/A
Ulco 5B MRI Ventilator, Anaesthetic N/A
Ulco 5EL Ventilator N/A
Ulco Compact Anaesthetic Machine N/A
Ulco Elite 615 Anaesthetic Machine N/A
Ulco EV-500 Ventilator, Anaesthetic N/A
Ulco Event Ventilator, Anaesthetic
Ulco MK5, VA1-10 Ventilator, Anaesthetic (with monitor / alarm) N/A
Ulco VA1-10 Ventilator N/A
Universal Treadmills Universal Tredex Treadmill None
Universal Treadmills Universal Walker Treadmill None
Valley Forge Scientific Codman CMC II Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Valleylab Force 300 Electrosurgical Unit None
Valleylab Force 40 Electrosurgical Unit
Valleylab SSE-2K Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Valleylab SSE-2L Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Valleylab SSE3 Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Valleylab Surgistat Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Vickers Medical 183 Warmer, Overhead, Infant N/A
VitalCall 401D Bedside Emergency Unit None
Vitalograph R Spirometer N/A
Wallach WA2000 Monitor, Temperature, Opthalmic Probe N/A
Wallach WA3000 Opthalmic Probe N/A
Walter Graftek PLEEG Paperless EEG System - Software B 2.23
Weck 174701 Insufflator N/A
Welch Allyn 61000 Spirometer N/A
Welch Allyn 74718 Diagnostic Set N/A
Welch Allyn 76106 Printer / Charger, Spirometer N/A
Welch Allyn 79156 Head Set, Operating Lamp N/A
Welch Allyn Opthalmoscope Light Source N/A
Wisap 7110 Insufflator
Wolf 2046 Insufflator
Wolf 2146 Insufflator
Zencor MF1 Electrosurgical Unit N/A
Zimmer ATS 500 Pump, Air, Tourniquet N/A
Zimmer Pulsavac Wound Debridement System N/A