Songklanagarind Hospital

      Songklanagarind Hospital more often referred to as “Mor-or” by the local
southern Thais acquired this name from the acronym of the title of the present
King's father “ Somdej Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadejvikhrom Phra Boromarajachanok”.

       Songklanagarind Hospital has now been serving the people since
February 22nd, 1982 but its inaugural ceremony only took place on September
18th, 1986 . The hospital is affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine at the Prince of
Songkla University, which had been established by government policy to
expand the university education to the wider provinces. The Faculty of
Medicine was established on September 19th, 1972 .


    At present Songklanagarind Hospital
has the capacity to accommodate up to
855 beds. Of the 3,731 staff who work
for the Faculty of Medicine: 234 are
teachers, 2,614 graduate staff and 1,117
non-graduate staff.

     The Hospital was also established
to facilitate medical practice by both
the medical students and specialty physicians. Songklanagarind gives medical practice not only to the medical
students and specialists but also to
Sub-specialists including other health
sciences students such as nursing students, dental students, and
pharmaceutical students.


    Each year, there are approximately
896 medical students practicing in the
hospital. Approximately groups of 66
students attend the 13 programmes
available for physician training.

    Additionally there are 216 Residents
training to be specialists in another
18 programmes. Furthermore, there are
22 specialists being trained in 16 sub-
specialty programmes. Medical students
only learn by observing and helping
teachers or physicians, they are not
allowed to treat or provide care to any
patient in case of misunderstanding by
the general public. Each year, around
100 specialists graduate with the majority going on to work nationwide for either the
government or private sectors.